FBSearch Tool

Finding Person Profiles (Friends and the remaining), Groups and Pages coming all in one with this powerful engine

FBSearch, a come-in-handy Facebook search tool, enables marketers and influencers to find targeted and protential clients or influencees much easier. Without sophosicated process to go and invested much time and efforts, you will have handful of search results in no time.

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Search user, Search group, Search friends, and Search pages.

You will be able to view the real time data when runing the task. You can also click log above to check history logs and export logs.

The Search results can be saved to local fill so you can fetch these data in other tools like Facebook poster, Group poster, FastAdder, etc.

Batch Export Feature allow users to export search results to local path.



  • Multiple Sessions
  • Advanced task configuration
  • Ads free
  • Free Update
  • Free Support
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About Us

LikerSharer is released at the begining of November 2021 by Followinglike team.

This tool is to gain points on the Social Exchange network AddMeFast and Followlike automatically. Gaining exposure on Social Media was never so easy!

LikeSharer is definitely a short cut to speed up your online success!